Before putting solar in your home, what questions should you ask a solar EPC?

Here are some crucial inquiries to make while looking into Solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firms for your home’s solar panel installation:

  • Are you a licensed and seasoned solar EPC firm? Ask about the company’s accreditations, permits, and previous solar panel installation expertise. Request examples of their prior work and testimonials from clients.
  • What kinds of inverters and solar panels do you offer? Ask for a detailed description of the many solar panel and inverter brands, types, and features that the company offers. Ask about the components’ effectiveness, dependability, and guarantee.
  • Can you offer a comprehensive project estimate? Request a detailed project estimate that includes the price of the solar panels, inverters, remaining system parts, labour costs, and any other costs. Make sure the estimate is transparent and contains all necessary expenses.
  • What is the anticipated energy production and system capacity? Ask the EPC company for recommendations on the system capacity that would satisfy your demands after discussing your energy requirements with them. Ask about the system’s anticipated energy generation capacity.
  • Will you take care of the required approvals and permits? Inquire as to whether the EPC business will handle securing the required paperwork, permits, and approvals from the neighborhood councils or housing societies. Make clear what each person’s role is during the process.
  • How long will the project take? Find out how long the entire installation process—including system design, procurement, installation, testing, and commissioning—is expected to take. It is critical to comprehend the project timetable completely.
  • Which guarantees do you offer? The EPC Company should describe the solar panels, inverters, and other system components that are covered by the EPC company’s warranties. Ask about the duration, scope, and any additional terms and conditions of these warranties.
  • Do you provide upkeep and post-purchase services? Find out if the business offers maintenance and post-purchase services. Ask about the company’s maintenance plans, monitoring setups, issue resolution times, and associated charges.
  • Do any government programmes exist that offer incentives or subsidies? The government incentives, subsidies, or tax advantages available for solar installations in Delhi should be discussed with the EPC business. Ask them if they can help you receive these advantages.
  • Can you give me a thorough contract? Request a thorough contract that details every component of the project, such as system requirements, warranties, conditions of payment, delivery schedules, and roles for each party. Before signing, carefully review the deal.

Always make sure you are satisfied with the answers the EPC firm provides and remember to ask any extra questions or voice any issues that are unique to your needs.

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