Transforming local electric grids for a sustainable future

About Us

Electrik Bee was founded with the mission to help accelerate the transition to clean energy and create a more sustainable future for all. We believe that solar energy has the power to transform the world, and we are dedicated to helping our customers harness its full potential.

India’s power grid is ageing and transition to RE and EVs magnify fragility, implying outages. We also make battery-based ESS network to provide power bank/backup services that save thousands of kgs of carbon emissions and 1/3rd TCOE vis-a-vis a similar ranged DG set. We deliver best in class under/over-load energy via our in-house converter technology, Zealor®, that no other solution provides.

At Electrik Bee, we address both – Backup as well as Energy quality, bottlenecks while helping reduce carbon emissions, and saving thousands per month in energy bills for our customers. We are providing carbon-free solutions that release the grid from peak energy demand, serves utility at consumer level and are cost effective.

Our USPs

Emission free grid resilient power backup system

Portable/Upgradable saves energy with easy lease model

US based sophisticated software team = HaaS+SaaS device predicting power cuts

No trenching or permits required = 0 tie in investment

Our Team

Ankit Kapoor

Ankit Kapoor

Ankit has 7+ years of experience in consulting, manufacturing and supply chain. He understands geography dynamics of different industry sectors and translate market needs into successful products working parallel with the administration and down up. He has been a management consultant (Ex-McKinsey/EY), product manager, and second-time entrepreneur. He holds intense experience in manufacturing of capital intensive products, efficiently managing & growing supply chains and scaling operations. He has successfully sold processed industrial materials in highly competitive markets creating synergies at procurement cycle level; supervised 3 fold growth in operations while closing portfolio clients. At Electrik Bee, he leads product design, strategy and operations.

Aman Sangal

Aman Sangal

Aman, an IIT graduate, has close to 4 years of experience working as a freelancer and full time CFD analyst with expertise in Fluids Engineering applications. He is insightful about numerical FVM solvers and techniques used in CFD software. Advanced domain experience in Open Source software development – 2D_Panel-CFD, repository of 2D CFD schemes and solvers is a key driver for him to be leading on the tech front of the company. Working in varied industry sectors like HPDC Aluminium Die Casting Simulations, where the solvers are pulled to their limit with high gradients and multiphase runs and translating it into thermal factors of the storage system is going to be crucial. At Electrik Bee, Aman leads battery development, thermal management and safety.

What we help you achieve

Affordable, Clean and Flicker-free energy
Evade tonnes/year of CO2 emissions
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Monthly savings in energy bills
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In 20 months, you'll recover what you paid
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lesser space
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