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Electrik Bee’s PowerPod is a plug-&-play energy storage system (ESS), that provides clean and affordable power backup solutions.

Fun fact: Fits in just an area of 2 household refrigerators and is a Mobile equipment.

PowerPod is dedicated to bringing energy resilience to the Construction and Industrial sector. Our solution provides flexible, fast, affordable and reliable energy resources at sites to help industrial and construction sites run on uninterrupted and clean power without compromising the grid’s stability and emitting pollutants by running diesel generator sets.
At scale, our network of PowerPods will serve as a decentralized ‘utility of the future’, prepared to meet the energy needs of electric vehicles and a renewable powered grid.

Our Customers



Most construction companies in India depend on diesel generator sets even for their primary power requirements. We at Electrik Bee are trying to change the narrative by providing storage as power while being mobile and quickly chargeable/ deployable at multiple sites.



Factories in the colder regions in India already struggle to run diesel generators in winter months due to extreme pollutant emissions, this leads to operational inefficiencies. Electrik Bee’s PowerPod provides reliable backup in times of cuts and peak shaves, achieving maximum operational ROI.



Spaces like offices, community parks, theatres, malls, etc. have redundant LA based UPS systems as backup devices meant for 2-12 minutes of power cuts as industry standards. PowerPod stores low tariffed energy meant for backup increasing uptime from minutes to hours.



DG set aggregators own and maintain multiple diesel generator sets that can be leased to various industries. With an already established network of customers to be catered to and CAQM ban in place, DG set aggregators make a good fit for Electrik Bee’s fleet model.

Frequently Asked Questions

SolarfiX can be installed within your home or industry based on your energy requirement and open space availability.

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The cost of the system will vary depending on your specific energy requirement. We cater to energy needs varying from 5 Kwp to 150 Kwp.

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We offer a hassle-free buying experience.

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Please visit our “Get Quote” page to get in touch with us for the same.

Yes, it is possible to offset a factory’s electricity needs with solar power by installing a sufficiently sized SolarfiX system. The ability of solar power to meet the energy demands of a factory depends on several factors, including the size of the factory, its energy requirements, and available space for solar installations.

Yes, solar power can meet the energy needs of various home appliances. The number of solar panels and the capacity of the solar power system installed determine the amount of electricity that can be generated. By correctly sizing the system based on your energy requirements and available sunlight, you can power appliances such as lights, refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, and more.

Several spaces can be used for solar panel installations, including: 

    • Rooftops of buildings, including homes, commercial structures, and industrial facilities.

    • Open areas, such as fields, parking lots, or unused land.

    • On top of sheds.

Space limitations can be addressed through various strategies, including:

    • Rooftop optimization: Maximizing the number of solar panels on rooftops through proper layout design and panel orientation.

    • Ground-mounted installations: Utilizing open land or parking lots for ground-mounted solar installations if rooftop space is limited.

Under net metering, when your solar panels produce more electricity than you currently need, the excess energy is fed back into the grid. The two-way meter measures the net difference between the electricity you consume from the grid and the electricity you export to the grid. You receive credits for the excess electricity, which can be used to offset your future electricity consumption.

Net metering is not limited to residential systems. It can be applicable to various types of SolarfiX systems, including commercial, industrial, and utility-scale installations.